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Chongqing Hongqi Wheel Rim Co., Ltd.
Chongqing Hongqi Jiexun Wheel Co., Ltd.
Chongqing Hongqi Wheel Rim Co., Ltd. and Chongqing Hongqi Jiexun Wheels Co., Ltd. is one of the largest production bases of automobile wheel rims and special vehicle wheel rims in western China. The management of the company is carried out under the leadership of the shareholders' meeting, which is divided into four departments and one sector; namely, Comprehensive Business Department, Manufacturing Department, Quality Development Department, Supply and Sales Department, and Finance Department.

Since its inception in 1985, Chongqing Hongqi Wheel Rim Co., Ltd. has grown from a small and weak company to a large and strong one, having become an enterprise with an annual capacity of 2 million units of wheel rims for mini, light, medium and heavy duty vehicles, special vehicles and engineering vehicles. Through continuous improvement and quality enhancement, it has developed wheel rim series for Qingling 1.75T, 2.75T, 600P, 700P, F vehicles and urban logistics vehicles. The special wheel rims for Toyota Coaster cars won nine national technology patents for the "spherical mold for wheel rim spoke screw hole", and 23 utility model patents for detection equipment.

Our product quality and meticulous services have won a high reputation among customers. Under the business philosophy of "Sincere Hospitality, Meticulous Service, Reputation Concern, and Honest Operation”, we adopt the production mode of "multi-varieties and small batches” in market competitions to win the market. We have established long-term close relations of cooperation with dozens of large automobile manufacturers such as Chongqing Qingling Motors Co., Ltd., Sichuan FAW Toyota Motor Co., Ltd., Xugong Group, and so on, having won the trust of OEMs with stable product quality and built up the Hongqi brand of wheel rims made in Sichuan.

While having achieved good performances in the development and production of civilian vehicle wheel rims, in 2002 the company began the development and production of military wheel rims, to serve the construction of national defense. The wheel rims for wheeled armored vehicles developed and produced by the company were exhibited at the big military parade at the 60th anniversary of the National Day of the motherland and the parade for the 70th anniversary of the "Chinese People's Anti-Japanese War and the World Anti-Fascist War", and won the award for “outstanding contributions” to the parade of armored equipment in the above two events. The military wheel rims developed and produced by the company have been put into military production.

The small wheel rims, the cornerstone that upholds huge wheels, also carries the dreams and hopes of Hongqi Wheel Rims. Through three decades of hard work, we have reaped fruitful results; through three decades of adherence, we have built up the brand, and through three decades of fighting, we have cast the brilliance of Hongqi Wheel Rims.

"Hongqi" people will always pursue the business philosophy of "integrity, efficiency, cooperation, transcendence”, and follow the road of scientific and technological development, and the road of innovation, forging ahead towards the direction of building a modern Chinese automobile wheel rims enterprise characteristic of strength, quality and harmony, and make new contributions to China's economic takeoff and military construction, and may flag of Hongqi will fly forever!