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development path

Our History
1990, became an official supplier of Qingling and Chang'an, and achieved an annual output capacity of 200,000 units
1988, took the rise by taking advantage of the opportunity of Qingling’s localization to develop wheel rims for Qingling N Series
1986 ~ 1987, small batch trial production of 5.00E three-piece wheel rims
1985, the wheel rim factory was officially established in 1985, formerly known as the product development workshop of the spring factory  

1998, developed 6.50F, 7.00T, 7.50V, 8.50, and other 20-inch wheel rims
1997, developed Qingling 6JJ products, and entered preliminary contacts with Toyota
1994~1995, developed wheel rims for Qingling pickup trucks
1993, developed Qingling 1.75T, 2.75T products
Deepening reforms to boost taking up
Business philosophy: sincere hospitality, meticulous service, reputation concern, and honest operation
1999: Luo Jianwei became director of the factory
Based on the actual market conditions, pay close attention to technology development and the construction of the quality system, full member participation, passed the GB T19000-ISO9000 quality management system certification and continuous operation
Continuous improvement, quality enhancement, customer satisfaction
Integrity, efficiency, cooperation, transcendence
1999: introduced new 1250T hydraulic machines, 250T mechanical presses, rolling machines and other equipment to enhance the capacity and ensure quality
2000: signed a formal agreement of supporting supplier with Sichuan Toyota; the designed annual production capacity reached 600,000 sets
2004, was identified as "designated outsourcing manufacturer”, and won the "Quality Compliance Award" awarded by Sichuan Toyota

1998 ~ 2000, oriented to the domestic market, scientific innovation and management, efficiency enhanced development
2002 ~ 2005, develop new products constantly by following the market needs, conduct technological innovation, and improve production capacity
2007, the company successfully passed ISO / TS16949: 2002 Quality Management System certification
2010, the company started the "weapon equipment confidential certification standards implementation work”. After two years of unremitting efforts, we had successfully passed the certification, and in 2013 passed the GJB9001B quality management system certification
2013-2014, sharpened competitive edge and pursued scientific development
October 2014, new plant, new processes, new technologies, new layout
The company successfully moved from Chongqing University City to Liangfengya Industrial Park at Tongnan
2015, the factory was integrated and merged; a new roll forming production line was introduced, laying a solid foundation for new product upgrading; three projects were invested with a total value of over 500,000 yuan; the company became a model enterprise, and made rapid development and a revenue of 10 billion yuan

Major technological transformation achievements
2010, standardized mold structure mode is adopted to improve the efficiency of mold manufacturing
2011, PLC is adopted for hydraulic machine electrical system transformation, to improve the accuracy of maintenance
2012, engineering truck
Heating process for IF furnace of engineering truck wheel rims improved the quality of processing, saving the cost of production
2015, the original jumping detection tool was transformed to the automatic type; special visual detection tool can better guarantee product quality
Industrial output value increased by 66 times
Sales revenue increased by 25 times
Profits and taxes increased by 10 times
Exports achieved leaps and bounds
2008 ~ 2016, scale: 5000 t --6000 t
              Position: first in Southwest China
              Share of market: host supporting parts 40%, maintenance market 30%, export market 30%

From singular to diversified resources; costs: lower than average costs in the industry by 1-3%
                       Benefits: 7% ~ 8% yearly increments