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Social recruitment

Social recruitment:
Our company is located in Liangfengya Industrial Park, specializing in the production of various types of vehicle rims. The company has complete production equipment, and an annual production capacity of 1.5 million sets of various types of vehicle rims, which have been provided to more than a dozen of auto OEMs such as Chongqing Isuzu, Sichuan FAW Toyota, Sichuan Hyundai, North-Benz, Chongqing Passenger Vehicles, Changan Kuayue, Guangxi Qinzhou, and so on; we also provide engineering rims and military rims for Xugong company in Chongqing, No. 256 Arsenal, and other companies (the wheel rims for armored vehicles produced by the company have won “outstanding contributions” award for armor equipment at the parade for the 60th anniversary of the National Day). The company occupies an area of 110 mu, with a total investment of more than 30 million, and an existing production plant area of 40,000 square meters. Due to the need of production development, we are looking for people to fill the following vacancies:
1. Technician 1: Requirements: Male, secondary vocational school or above, aged 25-35, skilled use of CAD and other related drawing software, work experience in the mechanical industry preferred, familiar with stamping, mold and other related processes, good health, dedicated to work, hard-working, endurable, strong hands-on ability, team player, able to complete tasks independently, no bad habits, salary negotiable.
2. Back-office staff at the Technology Section 1: male or female, female preferred, high school, secondary vocational school education or above, more than two years of work experience, experience of civilian work at enterprises, with background of technical work in the manufacturing industry, ability to make mechanical drawings would be a plus, computer-literate (word, excer, PPT), strong communication skills, live and easy going.
Wages and benefits:
1. Salary negotiable (after passing interview with the general manager)
2. The probation period is three months; after passing the period, sign a labor contract with the company, and enjoy the five insurances paid by the company.
3. The company has a canteen, and offers 10 yuan per day as food subsidy in the month of attendance; the company provides free accommodation.
Contact: Liu Ying, Li Kui
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