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Work assessment in May


This month's assessment was held at the company’s conference room on the first floor at 3:30 PM June 5, 2015. Because of the product quality problem of the Beiben company in Baotou, the related persons in charge and heads of departments flied to Baotou immediately to learn about the specific situations and deal with the problem, and therefore, they were absent from the meeting. The meeting was focused on the quality problem which was seriously criticized. As a manufacturer of wheel rims with decades of experience, many problems that should not have happened really happened, which are all caused by the weak sense of responsibility of the employees and management staff. In the next step, we must strengthen the assessment efforts on quality problems, to ensure that the company can survive in the future!
Mr. Luo stressed at the meeting that the current market situation was very harsh, and that we must attach great importance to it. In this market environment, the functional departments and managers must improve the quality awareness; otherwise, the quality incidences would occur frequently, and the company would be doomed to die. The consequence of a quality incidence is more than just the costs of shipping and returned products. The quality problem occurred at Baotou Beiben must be dealt with severely after the facts are ascertained.
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