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Three Realms of Life


Life has three realms: the first: you see a mountain as a mountain, and a river as a river; the second: you do not see a mountain as a mountain, nor a river as a river; the third: the mountain you see remains a mountain, and the river remains a river.
That is to say, in the early stage of a person's life, he or she is pure and fresh in the world; everything is fresh to him or her, so he takes what he/she sees as what it actually is. If someone tells him/her that this is a mountain, then he gets to know mountains. As he/she grows older, having experienced more things. he will find that this world is full of problems, which becomes more and more complicated, where black and white are often reversed, and there is not a distinctive line between right and wrong; the good ones may not be rewarded, while the wicked can live a long life. In this stage, people are indignant, anxious, confused, alerted, and complicated. They do not want to believe in anything easily. During this period of time, they always a mixed feelings seeing mountains and rivers. They often use the past to disparage the present, and make oblique accusations. Naturally, mountains are no longer mountains themselves, neither are rivers. If a man stays in this stage of life, it is a bitter life for him. They will always feel that the next mountain is higher than the one under his feet. He will keep climbing, desire to excel others, and compare his own life with others. How to behave, and how to handle interpersonal relations. They will rack their brains, use up all their tricks, to feed their endless desire. The world needs to lack new heroes, who are born to the world in a steady stream, while the human life is short. How come you can compete with the eternity and infinity?
Many people reach the end of life after arriving at the second realm. Spending a whole life seeking, laboring, desiring for big goals, they finally realized at the end of their life that they had failed achieving their ideals, so what they are left with are nothing but regrets. However, there are some people can eventually manage to elevate themselves to the third tier of the realm of life through self cultivation, being enlightened and returning to nature. In this realm of life, people will concentrate themselves on what they are destined to do, without haggling about gains and losses with others. Be it a hustling and bustling world, I stay calm and cool. In the face of messes of the earthly world, I return them with just a easy smile. People are people, and people do not have to deliberately try to be people; the world is the world, and we do not have to deliberately study how to deal with it. Indeed, this is actually the real “skills” for being a person in society.
Extracted from "Party Member Digest”, Production Department

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