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Small Canteen, Big Significance:


“People live on Food”. In hot summers, the sun in the sky, lunch of office workers suddenly becomes a trouble for many people. Although the streets are lined with many restaurants, and fast-food takeout advertisements can be found everywhere, many people still prefer to eat at the internal canteens of their own company.
In our lives, it seems that no one can stay away from canteens. Today, when fine division of labor and the improvement of efficiency are advocated, there are still many units prefer taking pains to spend efforts and money on building a staff canteen so that they can have pleasant meals. Thus, we can see that for both collectives and individuals, canteens, although not always satisfactory, are an essential logistics base at modern workplaces.
Take our company’s canteen for example. The initial kitchen of the canteen was only equipped with some simple cookware. The "dining room" had holes on all sides, and we even didn’t have a decent intact table or stool; in winters, the dishes served less than 5 minutes ago would get cold immediately; in summers, eating at the dining room, people would get all wet with sweat; besides, the staff’s expenses on food were not covered by the company. The cook hired by the company was in charge of purchasing the ingredients, and the monthly fees for meals were deducted from wages according to the number of people and meals per month.
With the relocation and development of the company, in order to create a good working and living environment for staff, the company’s leaders first made a series of reforms in the aspect of staff canteen, dormitories, baths, and toilets; the costs of light renovation and building decoration were up to more than 200,000 yuan. Now, looking around the operating room of the canteen, you will see modern kitchen equipment, spacious and clean dining environment, new tables and seats. Every employee working for more than one year in the company has witnessed the changes. Moreover, the company’s leaders also investigated the cost of living in Tongnan, listened carefully to employees’ rational views on their lives, and then they decided to give each employee $ 10 per day as meal allowance, to solve the worries of the staff in their daily lives.
However, after the implementation of the contract system for the canteen, on the one hand, employees reflected that the food was not of high quality or good taste, and there were not enough varieties; on the other hand, the canteen contractor complained about the rising prices of ingredients, the rising labor costs, the increasing pressure of cost management and so on. The company leaders attached great importance after having learned about such complaints. They put down the work at hand at the earliest time and organized related management cadres and canteen contractor to hold a special meeting, to communicate and coordinate among related sides on the problems put forward by the staff and canteen contractor.
To deal with the problem of increasing prices at the canteen, they sent special personnel to conduct costing calculations on the food ingredients, dosage, prices and incomes, and based on the costs on the current day, provided rational suggestions for the canteen contractor such as multi-channel purchasing of ingredients to reduce costs, trying to both reduce costs and ensure quality, actively listening to employees’ suggestion on tastes of dishes, increasing varieties of dishes. To further improving food quality, the company’s management personnel carry out occasional inspections on the canteen’s hygiene, purchase channels, food varieties and warehouse management. During weekdays, they collect employees' opinions and suggestions on the canteen, and ask the canteen staff to pay attention to their personal hygiene and the hygiene of the canteen area, to ensure that the staff will have a good dining environment.
Staff canteen is a place that benefits employees. In order to ensure that every staff can feel at ease and happy to dine at the canteen, the canteen staff also expressed their determination, try to improve their services from providing "satisfactory service" to "make dining a pleasure”. Only by constantly keeping abreast of employees’ innermost desire can we make delicious meals that they need most.
Hereby I would also appeal to our colleagues - Please reduce waste at meals. Please show more understandings and less blames to our canteen staff. Let us join hands together to build the canteen that belongs to us!
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