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From the body without my slight skill to Almighty talents"

On March 28, on the production line at the workshops of Hongqi Jiexun Wheel Co., Ltd. located at Liangfengya, Tongnan District, machines were roaring, sparks were flying, a very bustling scene.
When I met Jiang Chengquan, he was busy with work in front of a machine. If not told by workers, I could by no means identify this petite, dark-skinned young man with oil stains all over his clothes as the “outstanding migrant worker" Jiang Chengquan.
From an ordinary farmer to an "outstanding migrant worker", Jiang Chengquan blazed a "counter-attack" trail of a rural young man totally relying on his own hard work and unyielding spirit.
Acquiring the skills
The 35-year-old Jiang Chengquan was a genuine village kid. His hometown is Dongsheng Village at Zitong sub-district. He was born in a poor family. To make a living, in 1998, at the age of only 17, he followed his town mates to go down to the south to find a job after he graduated from junior high school. With neither skills nor academic degrees, he could only do the dirty jobs, and tasted the hardships of life at an early age.
In 2003, Jiang Chengquan became a worker at Chongqing Hongqi Wheel Rims Factory. When he first entered the factory, he had neither skills nor work experience, let alone the operational and technical levels. “I had never seen the equipment of the factory before. Seeing other workers skillfully operating the machines, I thought, ‘this is too complicated, and how can I grasp it?’”, said Jiang Chengquan. At that time, there were too many apprentices. Usually, a master would have to teach a number of apprentices, and the learning period was only one week. With just junior high school education, he knew it very well that he had a lot of deficiencies; in order to learn more things, Jiang Chengquan followed his master every day everywhere, at workshop, at dinner table, and even in the toilet; he always carried a small notebook in his pocket, to be ready to take down the master’s instructions. He also humbly consulted older workers, careful observed the essentials of their operations, and whenever he could not understand, he would humbly consult them; in order to learn more skills, he volunteered to work overtime, fighting on the production lines day and night.
Before long, diligent and studious Jiang Chengquan was assigned to the post of punching. “You just step on the switch, and the mold on the punch will rise up, and then press down. “Bang”, a workpiece is done”. At the beginning of punching, Jiang Chengquan was very excited. But he never expected that the punch also brought him a lifetime pain.
"That morning, I operated punch as usual. When picking up a workpiece, because of my wrong operation, the punch mold pressed directly onto my right hand”. Jiang Chengquan cried loud with pain. The workers next to him rushed over. After the punch was pulled away, the finger was seen badly mutilated. He was sent to hospital, and Jiang Chengquan lost his index finger.
“My son, quit this job. It is too dangerous!" “Exactly! Ask your cousin to find you another job”. Neither worries of parents nor advices of relatives and friends persuaded Jiang Chengquan to give up. After he recovered, Jiang Chengquan reflected on himself over and over again. The reason why the accident had occurred was mainly because he was not skillful at operating the machine. Since then, Jiang Chengquan began to bury himself in bookstores, and watched related mechanical operation videos online. After work, when other workers were drinking and playing cards, he would quietly study seriously.
After continuous efforts and hard work, gradually he has become a technical backbone of the factory. In 2009, Jiang Chengquan was sent to Tongnan Hongqi Jiexun Wheel Co., Ltd. and was appointed as workshop director. He became a grass-roots management staff.
"I myself was a worker. I am nothing but a working man. It was thanks to the trust and support of the leaders and colleagues that I became a workshop director. If I couldn’t work out something great, I would feel sorry for having failed to live up to their expectations?” Jiang Chengquan never put up an air of a leader; instead, he always works together with the staff, passing the most difficult period of the company. He participated in the whole process of the plant construction, arranging the production lines from "zero”, having completed the installation and construction of all infrastructure and fixtures. In order to allow the new company to start production as soon as possible, he worked overtime, and exhausted all his efforts. Finally, the installation and commissioning of the entire production line was completed in one and a half months, having made his contributions to the new company’s early start of production.
“Be an expert on your expertise”. Relying on his enquiring spirit, Jiang Chengquan, a former migrant worker, has become a “jack of all trades” who can work as paint sprayer, welder, and stamping worker all by himself. He can skillfully operate all kind of machines at the factory.
"Comrade Jiang is studious and enquiring. The 'roll forming lines’ of our factory are all invented by him”. Manager Li told the reporter. When Jiang Chengquan worked as a welder, he found a detail: after a rim is welded, workers often placed it on the ground randomly; the workers for "skimming" in the next process had to come over and carry the rim away, which was a waste of time and energy on the one hand, and on the other hand, it is also a safety hazard.
Is it possible to invent something like a conveyor belt to transport the welded rims directly to the next process? Jiang Chengquan immediately took action to find the solution. He found some old steel pipes and scraps in the factory, and welded them into a frame.
Li Kui was also very supportive of the whole idea. Both worked for a few weeks at the welding machines. After constantly adjusting the height of the frame, the curvature of the transmission, the "roll forming line" finally took shape.
"Now every production line in our factory is equipped with the 'roll forming line', through which the welded rims are sent directly to the 'scum removal' zone, and then to the 'ends cutting’ zone. A couple of processes are integrated into one, so that the workers do not have to move the heavy rims around. This invention has not only increased the safety factor, but also improved work efficiency, saving both time and energy”, said one of the workers Mi Zuhua to the reporter.
Year after year, the work on the production line is boring and hard, but Jiang Chengquan finds it enjoyable and fulfilling. He took a dozen disciples, and he not only cares for their personal life, but also teaches them techniques without reservation. “The guys now are very clever, and they are quick at learning new things, except that they often shun away from dirty and heavy work; they are not easy concentrate their attention and always want to take a look somewhere outside. As a veteran, I always told them to love what they do. Working at hometown, they can look after their family; besides, they can make no less money than working outside their hometown”; plus, they can accompany their family. How great is this”.
Now, both Jiang Chengquan and his wife work with Hongqi Jiexun. His elder son is studying at the local high school in Tongnan, and his younger son is studying at the Shaolou primary school. His mother is in poor health, so Jiang Cheng took her to his own home to take care of her. Last July, he bought a house at Jianneng Lvdu residential area at Liangfengya, Tongnan, and they plan to renovate the house later this year. “Although the house is not big, we have a home at Tongnan after all”, Jiang Chengquan told the reporter. His greatest wish is to take care of his aged parents, and he wished that they were healthy and happy; his son at high school is a good student, so no matter how tough it is he will send him to university. We believe that through his efforts, every day of his will be a better day!

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