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Jiang county work inspection


On the morning of 27 January 2015, Tongnan County deputy magistrate Jiang Zhibin in the county administration center 513 conference room cordially met with the Chinese people's Liberation Army Army Armored in Chongqing on behalf of Yang Yize Colonel (Yanbo) (Fu Jun), the army corps of engineers on behalf of Guo Qing Yang Colonel (positive group), is Chongqing red flag Wheel Co., Ltd converting Tongnan, involved in the production of military products related matters to the discussion. Hongqi steel rim company chairman Luo Jianwei, deputy general manager Liu Ying, Hong Qi Jie Xun, general manager of Li Kui and county water, electricity, gas, of through a letter to the committee, the industrial park and enterprise service department and other relevant personnel participated in the discussion.
Meeting, Jiang county first and military representatives were cordial conversation, after listening to the Yang Gaogong introduction of national defense demand after, especially when informed of the Hongqi steel ring in the 60th anniversary of the founding of the National Day military parade in the capital of armored equipment work made outstanding contributions "very happy, for Tongnan has such an enterprise proud. After listening to the reports related to board chairman Luo, in order to ensure the production of military products, Jiang county magistrate immediately asked County water, electricity, gas and other factors of production and social security departments must fully cooperate to ensure Hongqi steel needed for the production of, must have red rims as the key enterprises in the County of cultivation. And requires the relevant departments of the county to vigorously assist in resolving the practical difficulties encountered in their production and operations. Stressed that the county office arrangements for the time in the near future personally to the company. At the meeting, the county water, electricity, gas sector leaders also promised to make full support to ensure the needs of. Industrial Park Administrative Committee of the company service department also promised for the company in the production of labor demand and other aspects of the security.
Two military representatives at the meeting stressed that there is a commitment to the Standing Committee of the Standing Committee and departments at all levels, so that they feel at ease! Immediately moved production of audit, and strive to in armored vehicles of the parade of the 70th anniversary of the victory of the war of resistance against Japan, the rocket mine car again use steel producing a red flag. Two representatives of the army also said that in quality to meet the conditions can also recommended units such as artillery products use red rims, let it be for more military enterprises supporting.
Finally, chairman of Hongqi steel rim Luo confidently said, believe that with the support of the government, military approval, we must keep honor and responsibility coexist, pay close attention to quality, positive enterprising, homeopathy, practical, and strive to accept the review of the motherland and the people in the big read soldiers of the 70th anniversary of the victory of the war of resistance against Japan, with practical action for the cause of national defense and make due contributions, let the red flag is flying on the earth of the motherland!




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